Our History

In 1946, Anthony J. Pellegrino, Sr. began canning his mother’s pepper recipe in his home.  The family recipe was well received by the local residents, and soon Anthony began to sell his canned peppers on a commercial basis.  He would load up the back of the family station wagon and make deliveries to markets within a fifty (50) mile radius of his home.  All of the canning was done during the late summer and fall harvest for peppers (August to November), with the actual canning done in the basement of the family home, and the cases of canned peppers stored in the family garage. 

By 1970 the business had grown substantially and the company was looking for a facility into which they could expand.  A local dairy plant, located at 100 Lookout Street in Warren, Pennsylvania was vacated and put on the market.  The decision was made to rent one half of the facility and the growing company hired five employees.  At this point, the company’s sales and distribution network had reached as far west as the Cleveland markets.  In 1975, the business had expanded to the point that the company made the decision to purchase the dairy plant as the demand for the canned peppers continued to grow.

In 1984, the company made the decision to bring their new plant up to USDA certification standards.  With the USDA certification, the company could now process meat and meat products.  This allowed the company to introduce its second product line, stromboli.

Until the late 1980’s, Pellegrino’s dealt with several small accounts within its own geographic region.  In 1987, the first major account for the business was secured.  Bringing the Giant Eagle grocery chain from Pittsburgh on board was the first step in establishing Pellegrino Food Products, Co., Inc. as a viable producer in this enormous market.  This account more than doubled the annual sales for the company, and started it on its path of growth and expansion.

In 1994, the market for products produced by Pellegrino’s had expanded to the point that required additional expansion in the form of a Rheon production line.  With the installation of this new production line, it became evident that the company had a very needed service to offer to a growing consumer market.

Today, Pellegrino Food Products Co., Inc. is a total USDA plant producing its canned peppers, stromboli, calzones and potpies.  It services national customers, and is continuously pursuing new products, new customers, and new marketing concepts to support the continued growth of this family owned company.  Through the years, Pellegrino’s has had the good fortune and opportunity to work with major food manufacturing companies and retailers throughout the United States. Pellegrino Food Products Co., Inc. is a family business, rich in family values that understands the need and importance of building business relationships that last.